I have always been fascinated by languages and foreign countries. So unsurprisingly, after my leaving certificate and a successful, but not very fulfilling training to be a banker, I packed my bags.

First stop: Ireland, where I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies with a thesis on wine tourism in Burgundy and First Class Honours.

I then continued on to France, where I spent a total of eight years working in tourist information centres and incoming agencies in Burgundy and Bordeaux. Naturally, my excellent language skills proved to be highly advantageous and were frequently called upon, such as to contribute to the second edition of the French-German wine dictionary "LexiVin®".  I therefore decided in 2005 to take an exam to become a qualified translator and started working as such - as a side job - shortly afterwards.

Family reasons made me move to Switzerland in 2009 - a welcome opportunity to turn my side job into my main occupation. An important decision which I have not regretted ever since.